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"Best of Legal Times Winner: Skillful Means Marketing

December 9, 2016

For the third year in a row, Skillful Means Marketing has been recognized as the top business development training and coaching firm in Washington, D.C.  The honor was bestowed by the readers of Legal Times, a National Law Journal publication. 


What We Do

Skillful Means Marketing provides business professionals—whether at the individual, team, group or firm level— with personalized coaching and training to develop highly-effective skills for establishing and enhancing significant client relationships.  Programs are designed based on an in-depth assessment of each individual’s strengths and aspirations. The goal is to obtain work to generate revenue, but more importantly, to obtain work that is enjoyable from clients who appreciate the services provided.  Building business comes down to offering talent and expertise to solve problems; Skillful Means provides the insight and skills to be successful. 



Since 2003, Mary Carmel Kaczmarek has been coaching professionals to higher levels of career success through Skillful Means Marketing.  A former practicing attorney—in private practice and as in-house corporate counsel—Mary provides personalized coaching and training to help professionals develop the skills necessary to increase business and build their practices. And it works.  A recent "longevity study" conducted with attorneys for whom Mary provided business development coaching and training in 2009, indicates that five years later they continue to experience the benefits of her work with them.   Skillful Means' success is evidenced by recognition from readers of The National Law Journal: in 2015 Skillful Means was named the top business development coaching/training firm in the United States.



Elena Paraskevas Thadani, Esq., Tea Hoffmann, Esq. and Amy Ellis Eades also provide services to Skillful Means clients, including consulting on marketing initiatives and professional development coaching and training.



Skillful Means Marketing can take your firm’s development initiatives to the next level of success through coaching, training and an assessment of individual strengths and aspirations. For more information, read about our services, consider our client testimonials or contact us.  It's time to get started on results-oriented business and professional development.



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